[the spice of next wonton] how does _ burden _ prepare –

[the spice of next wonton] how does _ burden _ prepare –

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Article introduction

A lot of people are preferred eat dumpling soup, when eating dumpling soup, the face should add a bit spice in soup, commonner is essence of salt, chicken, put bit of balm, put bit of caraway, it is better, the practice of wonton is more also, can prepare right amount thin pork, prepare shelled fresh shrimps, preparative Xianggu mushroom is black perhaps dawdle will do wonton, taste mouthfeel sweet delicacy, nutrient value also is pretty good, we will read the content of this respect.

Issue the spice of wonton

Issue the spice of wonton

InA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Shang Li besides the salt that put a drop, gourmet powder, if put a bit to be born again,smoke, balm (or lardy OK also) , chili oil, laver, caraway, dried small shrimps is better. Of course from the back these condiment you can be savoured according to your come increase and decrease.



Thin pork end 455 grams, mediumLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
The shrimp of size 455 grams, hull is smoked go back black line, cut roughly next agglomerate, black dawdle or Xianggu mushroom 5, in hot water bubble is soft again mincing, green 3, dissect, egg 1, soy 30 milliliter, salt 9 grams, fish last stage (dry cruelly oppress is loose) 0.2 grams (optional) , quadrate wonton skin 2 packets (390 overcome)

1. complete filter drops the water of use delaying tactics, the towel that use paper pats dry dawdle and mincing.

2. uses big bowl to mix pork, shrimp, dawdle, green, egg, soy, salt fish last stage (if was used) roil is even, yield all raw materialShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Complete confluence is together.

3. receives a bowl of small Wen Shui to dip in wet with. If your habit uses the right hand, fold wonton skin put leftward strike with the palm of the hand triangularly. Will about full the position that the meat stuffing of one teaspoon puts on wonton skin to rely on a bottom to carry that part. Next that horn to the position that opposes direction to fold a half, lap meat stuffing closely in the skin.

4. dips in in Wen Shui Shi Yigen finger, dip in the horn of wonton skin left wet, again the direction yourself of face of two or so actor (be vertex angle return way) fold, the dumpling soup that has included so is just like the appearance of cap of a nurse.

Issue the spice of wonton

Should put dumpling soup on edible paper towel in the course that 5. includes, lest,cover with a wet towel dry. In the refrigerant food bag that after wonton has been wrapped, can take care to be put in freezer refrigerant rise, use at any time later.

Practice 2


Former1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Makings: Pork end skin of 10 grams of 10 grams of 10 grams of 15 grams of 3 grams of 3 grams of 8 grams of 50 grams of 500 grams, Xianggu mushroom, salt, white sugar, gourmet powder, dried, green, ginger, garlic, wonton.

Other burden: Caraway is 100 grams, sweet 15ml of acetic 20ml, soy, white sugar 3 grams, balm is 3 grams, white peppery 3 grams, oily chili is right amount.

1, use Xianggu mushroom, dried Wen Shui to immerse to ahead of schedule soft, the water that leaves bubble to send dried reserves, part next Xianggu mushroomFall in love with the sea

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Dried, green, Jiang Dou cuts the end; with even size

2, join mincing green, ginger, dried in pork stuffing next, join salt, egg, white sugar, Fall in love with the sea

Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone
Gourmet powder, mix is even, with meat stuffing of chopstick general compound along same a directional agitate, place 10 minutes, wake;

3, take skin of a piece of wonton to prevent next at control, the 1/3 part that puts right amount chopped meat in wonton skin furls, bicephalous cling can;

Issue the spice of wonton

Can basis individual be fond of, wrap: Form of a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China, pillow bag form, umbrella builds the; such as form

4, the condiment such as sweet vinegar, soy, candy, white peppery, ripe pork is put in the bowl, the condiment of hot dumpling soup of make it acid juice;

5, after the water in the stockpot burns boil again, put dumpling soup, prevent to stick a bottom with strainer agitate divide evenly, maintain medium baking temperature, the cold water that drenchs 100ml is controlled after soup boil, continue to boil, drench again till boiling hind cold water, after adding 2-3 second cold water at least, wonton skin becomes transparent softness can give boiler, drop of in a way does moisture, fill in acerbity hot juice, according to him taste, put right amount caraway, drench right amount oily chili can.


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