High-end VR market rises 60% PSVR 18 years compared to the same period the most welcome

High-end VR market rises 60% PSVR 18 years compared to the same period the most welcome

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IDC of market research firm expresses in a new report, the virtual reality that although people is right,depends on a smartphone (VR) the interest of equipment drops in temperature somewhat, but high-end VR market still is continueing to grow, because be in,go one year in wired becom上海贵族宝贝交流区

e than allowing when to be awaited before more welcome with independent VR equipment. The VR user investigation that should study the company is newest shows, 2018, “High end ” the installation amount of helmet grew 60% compared to the same period, achieve 3.9 million. Now, have on this market a flock of ” iron lever ” VR user, although this market still has not small challenge,need to overcome. The research of IDC investigated the United States, Japan, France, Germany and England 1643 users of 5 countries, include a few specific detail about PlayStationVR among them, because this research is,sponsor by all alone Buddhist nun. With original sale data looks, playStation VR is the most welcome high-end VR helmet, a its interesting point is: The VR helmet that Suo Ni user reports experiences slightly good at general VR helmet. The overall satisfaction of PlayStation VR is spent for 7.6, and the average satisfaction of other helmet is spent for 7.3; The month of PlayStationVR helmet uses time to be 6.8 hours, and the month of other helmet uses time to be 5.4 hours; The demand that PlayStation VR helmet serves to the client or the technology supports is inferior, only the user need client of 23% serves or the technology supports, and the average demand of other VR helmet is 40% . Although PlayStation VR helmet is in,these respects and game respect are having peculiar advantage, but its relevant data is not quite good. In user of helmet of all PlayStation VR, the person that has nearly 1/4 needs to get Suo Ni’s help after buy, and the time that the user uses VR every week is not worth 2 hours. From the point of any standards, this is not a good case. This research does not include to count the VR equipment of mobile equipment, but include independence with wired VR helmet. Overall and character, the satisfaction that gets the person that visit to spend what study panel survey with another to suffer the person that visit to express to i上海千花网交友

ntelligent hand to the satisfaction of high-end VR helmet spends identical爱上海

: There are 7.5 people to express satisfaction in 10 people. This research provided a few interesting detail, showed the difference of the VR user of different type. In 5 all countries, use time on average of VR helmet to be every months 6.2 hours (be in inferior level) . Although user polarization: Of 12% ” iron lever ” the user expresses, use 16 hours every months or longer, and the user of 65% claims, use time every months to be not worth 5 hours, belong to spend an user gently. Game is apparent dominant上海千花网龙凤论坛

the use of all VR equipment. In the last 2018 quarter, the person of 72% played a game at least, but the person of 55% watched a paragraph of video through VR equipment at least. IDC report says, in these 5 countries, exceed 30% with the average permeability of the exemple without other VR. Place of Facebook of no less than points out in that way, one much user VR is VR helmet it seems that basically sells a site potentially, although various places is put in difference. In France, the VR player of 62% prefers experience of much person game, and after the United States tightens therewith, for 58% , germany is 55% , japan is 50% , england is 46% . France is in blame game kind VR application respect is in lead position. In the French user that accepts investigation, 1/4 still have try VR to the person of 1/3 originality application, socialization application, shop or browse application, although this one scale of other country wants low much. IDC points out, every months of less use time and cycle and inferior user sat上海千花社区

isfaction are spent closely related, a few people because of 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

the content that lacks reasonable price or other factor disuse VR helmet.


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