[the woman drinks what tea to treat halitosis] _ female _ treats tone –

[the woman drinks what tea to treat halitosis] _ female _ treats tone –

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Article introduction

The woman drinks what tea can treat halitosis, believing a lot of people do not know, because halitosis is caused, suggest everybody wants to correct his undesirable practice. Treating halitosis to use tea have fair treatment value, use tea of leaf of black tea, bamboo and licorice tea to wait for instance, everybody can know the remedial value of tea.

 The woman drinks what tea to treat halitosis

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What tea does feminine halitosis tone drink again?

1, black tea

According to the research achievement of institute of traditional Chinese medical science of American Pacific Ocean, the much more phenolic apperception in black tea adds up to what content can prevent oral cavity bacterium to grow, this can bring about spot piece accumulation to decrease, the tone is more pure and fresh. Black tea has black tea of a surname door, litchi black tea, big Ji Linggong red time of tea, Ceylon upland tea, another name for Yunnan Province. Compare among themLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Famouser is black tea of a surname door.

So how Where is bubble black tea?

① provides fully: Prepare the tea set of black tea of communications center bubble, had heated the boiled water of communications center make tea with kettle.

② washs: Have tea service cleaning falling first, undertake cleanness to tea service, achieve the result of lukewarm cup at the same time.

③ buy tea: Take out right amount tea to fall into the teacup from inside container with teaspoon, be in commonly the 3 amounts sending tea that control to 5 grams, if use, is small in bags is direct one pouch tea the bag is put into the cup.

④ washs tea: In past teacup irruptive boiled water, after two 3 seconds, go the boiled water of the first bubble, the purpose is the impurity in purify tea.

⑤ develops bubble: Pledge tea the strong bubble of tea can have at this moment after purify, boiled water is entered in past cup. Undertake into boiled water ordinary water lukewarm control is in developing bubble 90 Celsius above is advisable, strong bubble time sees tea size rush 2 control to 5 minutes.

⑥ gives tea: Can pour boiling water into fair cup after bubble is good, a mesh should be placed on fair cup in case tea falls together.

⑦ is tea-separating: Distribute tea into each cups that taste tea.

⑧ tastes tea: Drink tea to savour.

 The woman drinks what tea to treat halitosis

2, licorice tea

Licorice can treat the disease such as cough of wind fire toothache, halitosis, pinkeye, cold, can enhance hepatic alexipharmic action, enhance immune power, restrain inflammation. Take 3g of licorice 5g, green tea, after developing bubble with 200ml boiled water drinkable, strong water comes flavour is weak.

3, bamboo leaf tea

Zhu Xie has clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, the action of cleared halitosis, apply to the halitosis patient that causes because of gloomy of damp and hot, liver, accompany pharynx and larynx at the same time painful person remedial effect especially good. Take 15g bright Zhu Xie, 9g green tea is put into water decoction is used in arenaceous boiler, everyday potion is divided second drinkable.

4, lemonade

Canadian Toronto ” pure and fresh breath ” proposal of auspicious of black of wave of moxa favour · drinks one of author of the hospital lemonade, it can make salivary gland activity increases. Citric section, every had better control the ply in 3-4 millimeter. After been cut OK lemon piece in putting kettle. Bubble 4-5 or so minutes can. Also can add honey to flavor, perhaps wait for tea a bit cooler add again, the meeting is more healthy.

5, mint tea

Field mint laborious is cool, have the effect that travel sluggish disappear accumulates, comfortable heal up is smelly and have feed sluggish abdominal distension patient is taken. Take 10g mint, 2g1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Green tea strong bubble is drinkable, everyday potion is divided second drinkable. Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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6, sweet-scented osmanthus tea

Sweet-scented osmanthus is OK poison of dispel halitosis, platoon, scent changes chaotic, apply to halitosis, toothache, stomach stays1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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crowd. Black tea 5 grams, sweet-scented osmanthus 3 grams. If feel bad smell, can add appropriately oneNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Dot rock candy. Daily, a few for many times, the frequency is frequent and drinkable.

 The woman drinks what tea to treat halitosis

7, chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum is OK tone scent, clear stomach is hot, applicable halitosis, stomach heats up a crowd. Sweet-scented osmanthus 6-9 is overcome, chrysanthemum 6-9 is overcome. Daily 1, a day of 2-3 second, acting tea is drinkable.

How does feminine halitosis tone do again?

1, if be in the morning only when odour not beautiful, so eat good breakfast. When have a meal or drinking water saliva begins to secrete, and saliva can clear major bacterium.

2, brush one’s teeth can clear bacterium of a lot of teeth, want complete dispel mouth to do the peculiar smell that cause the basiccest is to brush one’s teeth. The tongue is brushed incidentally when reminding you to brush one’s teeth, toothpick eliminate slit between the teeth is used after the meal between residual with the bacterium very important also.

3, the person that has buccal doing for a long time had better carry a bottle of candy of chewing gum, fruit, water or fruit juice.


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