[how is hawkthorn cleaned] how does _ clean _ to clean methodological –

[how is hawkthorn cleaned] how does _ clean _ to clean methodological –

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Article introduction

A few people are in the hawkthorn that make when, do not know how to should be cleaned, because of hawkthorn cortical it seems that above have a few a little bit, but actually these are bits bit he is cortical and peculiar, not be dirty stuff, and the build of hawkthorn is smaller, a lot of people will be so one-time when eat wash a lot of, but do not eat too much, the acid that contains inside it causes hydrochloric acid in gastric juice much more easily quite, so how does hawkthorn clean science?

How is hawkthorn cleaned

1, with slant alkalescent water is cleaned. Slant the pesticide that remain can destroy below basic requirement, the action that makes its original misses work, reduce its noxiousness. Join edible in 500 milliliter clear water commonly alkaline 10 grams of 5 ~ make up buck, willA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Preliminary the fruit vegetables buy after rinsing enters buck in, according to dishShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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More or less does the quantity match sufficient buck, immerse 5 ~ are rinsed with clear water after 15 minutes, it is better to repeat catharsis 3 times to control the effect.

2, the 1% solution that are more than the food tool equipment of 15% to use scour with active ingredient undertake catharsis, but the ester fruit surface kind the pollution of surface of action scour off that material uses exterior activator.

3, hot water1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The it is better to immerse to also have to the pesticide of purify fruit surface effect of short time, have a story 80 Celsius compare 50 Celsius pesticide of remain of water purify surface is tall 5 ~ 10 times.

4, law of catharsis of clear leach bubbleSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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: Drop exterior contamination to Xian with clear water first commonly, eliminate has the share of besmirch it is thus clear that, had covered fruit dish part with clear water next 5 centimeters or so, bubble of leach of going from place to place not less than 30 minutes. Can join the clear lotion of and so on of fruit vegetables lotion when necessary, the dissolve that increases pesticide goes out, the attention uses eligible lotion. Clean so immerse 2 ~ 3, basically can keep clear of the pesticide composition that the majority remains.

How is hawkthorn cleaned

How does fresh hawkthorn eat

Method one: Hawkthorn conserve

Material: Hawkthorn, Bai Sha candy, rock candy

Practice: Will fresh hawkthorn is cleaned clean, next purify straightens, enter ready hawkthorn stainless steel boiler in, join right amount moisture and infusion of white saccharic conflagration, next at the same time agitate, till hawkthorn soft sodden (flesh and blood is broken away from) later can take out stone, rock candy is joined in boiler, continue next agitate, when soup juice becomes very thick stiff later can have pot. Can fall into the bowl after to the limit of one’s capacity, the middleman and guarantor that puts freezer subsequently is put take.

How is hawkthorn cleaned

Method 2: Glacial sugarcoated haws on a stick

Material: Fresh hawkthorn, white sugar, water

Practice: Will fresh hawkthorn is cleaned clean, put next the left and right sides immerses about 15 minutes in weak brine, the succeed add that takes out next is cleaned clean, and drop does water cent reserves. Use ready hawkthorn clean bamboo lotForum of Shanghai night net

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Had strung together, bai Sha candy is put into boiler, join right amount clear water conflagration to be burned, small fire infusion until become thick stiff, color also becomes hair is yellow OK. Put the hawkthorn that has strung together syrup in, wrap on one quickly next, can take after refrigeration.


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